“I found myself in the deep heart of the deep sea. It was the fairies themselves who brought me here, on an unkown date when the globe fell asleep and no one could see me. I am in the empire of adventures, in the miracle of events. I finally experienced what the world has forgotten. And I became the owner of a mystery.

Tin Ujević, Nit u srcu mora: Komiža na Visu, 1930

Build with Us

We’re literally starting from scratch, with a few hectares of land and an old stone house in the hills of one of the farthest islands in the Adriatic Sea. We will need years and decades to build ISSA. So if you like what we are doing, even a small donation will go a long way.

Co-Founders of ISSA

Srećko Horvat
Franco “Bifo” Berardi
Pamela Anderson
Goran Bogdan
Jelena Ostojić
Bobby Gillespie
Gael García Bernal
Dorotea Held
Robert Perišić
Hito Steyerl
Vedran Velagić
!Mediengruppe Bitnik
Nadežda Čačinovič
!Mediengruppe Bitnik
Saša Savanović
Predrag Kolaković
Hana Jušić 
Marko Pogačar
Renata Ávila
Marko Aksentijević
Martina Horvat
Valerio Baćak
Stipan Tadić

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*ISSA – original name of island Vis while it was an ancient Greek polis 2,400 years ago 
*Autonomy – from the two Greek words αὐτο-(auto- , “self”) and νόμος (nomos, “law”), “one who gives oneself one’s own law”