ISSA aims to be a place for exploration of sustainable living, as we would love to distance ourselves as far as possible from unsustainable, extractive, and pollutive methods that are endangering life on our planet.

As the blurb for Terry Leah’s Politics of Permaculture states:

“Permaculture is an environmental movement that makes us reevaluate what it means to be sustainable. Through innovative agriculture and settlement design, the movement creates new communities that are harmonious with nature. It has grown from humble origins on a farm in 1970s Australia and flourished into a worldwide movement that confronts industrial capitalism. (…) Leahy explains the ways permaculture is understood and practiced in different contexts. In the face of extreme environmental degradation and catastrophic climate change, we urgently need a new way of living.”

The entire book can be found on this link: Politics of Permaculture