Pirate Radio ISSA

Pirate Radio ISSA – Our Own Independent Island Radio Station

The island of Vis does not have its own radio station. Situated far out in the Adriatic Sea, the island sits between the Croatian and Italian radio bands, between disembodied airwaves carried over the sea by the winds. Depending on the weather, the island that faces the Italian coast receives only the Italian airwaves, while on the other side, the signals from the Croatian coast block out the Italian stations.

This state of situatedness between disembodied airwaves and the location of the school creates the perfect space for artistic experimentation with radio receivers and radio transmitters. These experiments are inspired by the long history of amateurs and artists who have contributed to the rich history of free and pirate radio broadcasts in Europe. After its invention, radio was at first an unregulated and open field for amateurs and professionals alike. With the advent of regulations, radio piracy began and brought a rich counterculture of radio-making. From Radio Alice in Italy to pirate radio stations broadcasting from international waters like Radio Caroline off the coast of the UK.

Pirate Radio ISSA is a space for artistic experimentation with analog and digital radio to appropriate the networks and hack the airwaves. What can radio on a remote island be in the age of the Internet and networked culture?


Person sitting on house adjusting antenna
In 2008, !Mediengruppe Bitnik and Container Project experiment with pirate TV in Jamaica