A Place to Sit, a Place to Rest

It all started with the discovery of an old green sofa near the village of Borovik – once an important headquarters of the anti-fascist struggle (both Tito and Fitzroy Maclean – Winston Churchill’s special envoy and the real inspiration for “James Bond” – stayed here). The sofa was here for days, so obviously no one wanted it anymore – until we came and thought it might be useful in the hills.

Where there is a will, there is a way, so somehow, we managed to take the sofa up the hill and find a nice place for it in front of the old stone house. Or, to paraphrase Churchill, “We have nothing to offer but fun, play, pomalo, and sweat.”

Then our dear “work brigade” joined us, they came to help us make simple new furniture for our terrace.

And the sofa immediately found its purpose. What we were missing now was a table.

Hana painting a table.
Predrag and Domagoj creating multifunctional and modular chairs/cabinets/etc.

Josip and Saša cleaning the upper terraces (“pristave”)