First Night at ISSA

The day, or better said, the night, has come for the first ISSA sleepover.

It all started when Sebastian had to carry a lot of different things uphill for the first time, so he tested how our “karijola” (wheelbarrow) would do uphill and whether it would be useful at all.

It proved to be quite useful. And, we also had Gogo and Jovana to help us.

Yet, what happened in the meantime due to the strong winds was this:

So the first thing we had to do was repair the roof cover, but this time properly, so that wind could not get through it. As we know by now, that is, of course, impossible since the wind will always find its way. We were hoping that this fixing attempt would last at least for the next two months until we finally start with the reconstruction of the roof. Let’s see.

The night was already coming, so when Gogo and Jovana welcomed the visiting friends who helped us carry more stuff, we prepared our sleeping spaces, for which we needed to clear the ground and, unfortunately, saw off a tree.

We wanted to commemorate our first night there and name (or, better said, give a nickname to) the location of our tents, so we did – we slept at “The Oak Donkey Bar”, naming it in medieval fashion.  For sure it will be adorned by many more names, but this one was given because this little space below the tent (where our future kitchen will have its place) was originally a place for the invaluable donkey, and the house of ISSA lies in the shadow of a beautiful oak tree.

First morning sun at ISSA.