The School of ISSA is a Place of Gathering

Don’t be surprised if you meet your favorite artists here, in our school in the middle of the Adriatic Sea. Today !Mediengruppe Bitnik has joined our efforts to rebuild the old stone house that will serve as our headquarters and library. In their artwork, they explain complex technological phenomena, challenge the modern notion of privacy, and the mysteries of the Dark Web in ingeniously simple and playful ways. We are thrilled they decided to join us.

Srećko and Ddddoma working together
Ddddoma hammering the stone

During our break, we discussed various ideas about how the School of ISSA should contribute to the local community, and on a larger scale.

Saša painting the door

The door was finally painted green – in the local tradition – and it matches the surrounding green forests.

After a long day, enjoying the fruits of our labor

Finally, we are heading for a much-deserved meal and some wine.

Leaving the place before the dark