Dry stone walling continues

In early April, along with “Pomalo” and “Domino,” we organized a workshop on dry stone walling and sustainable development on the island of Vis. The art of building dry stone walls has been an integral part of the Mediterranean for centuries, even millennia, and has been included on the UNESCO list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

The workshop for restoring old dry stone walls was led by Igor Mataić, with a PhD in Civil Engineering, who tirelessly reconstructs and builds new dry stone walls on the island, and Tonči Darlić, a Komiža-based constructor specialized in stonework and a man of many talents.

The participants of the workshop were part of “Island Connect II,” a collaborative project of “Domino” and six partner organizations operating in the performing arts field. ISSA was visited by around 40 artists, producers, and curators from 10 countries who, guided by Igor and Tonči, helped us build a new dry stone wall in front of the School. We want to thank all participants and hope to see you again soon.

To be continued…