Good life in times of extinction?

At the start of autumn on the island, we have been visited by Conner Habib who talked to Srećko Horvat about ISSA and “good life” in times of extinction for his podcast “Against everyone with Conner Habib”

This is how Conner described his short visit to ISSA:

“It isn’t just another school. Yes, the content of the school’s efforts are different – they’re about radical philosophy, deep contemplation, openness to complexity and interdependence of disciplines. But it’s also a space and inspiration for a new way of learning altogether; learning by encounter, learning by meeting others, learning by paying attention to new impulses, through teachers that radiate wisdom through being.”

Here you can listen to the conversation between Conner & Srećko about the school, synchronicities, learning without academic education and many other topics connected to ISSA.