Pamela Anderson Joins ISSA

Pamela Anderson & Srećko Horvat, CPH:DOX 2019, Copenhagen

We are proud to announce that Pamela Anderson has joined us as one of the early co-founders of ISSA!

She has been an inspiration among activists, artists and dreamers across the world and we are happy to share her passion for constant learning, imagining, and re-imagining the world and ourselves. Nothing defines her activism and passion better than the letter she has sent to PETA in 1995.


I’m in a TV show called “Baywatch” and the press is obsessed with my personal life. I’d really like to divert some of the attention to things more important than my boobs or my boyfriends. Can we join forces? I’ve been an animal lover and a PETA member since I was a kid, sending in rolled up quarters, and I’ve always wanted to get more involved. Please use me.


Pamela Anderson

Today, as dreamlike as it sounds and as real as it is, we are joining forces with Pamela to do what we have always wanted to do since we were kids: building a School for a different kind of education that will not only protect animals and nature but will also reimagine the world and create new models of living and being together.

Together we plan to build a small paradise that only child-like idealists can imagine. In the hills of Vis Island, we will write poetry and experiment with permaculture, we will learn from the forest and the island, with the wish to translate this experience into other forms and hearts.

Now the time has come for a new adventure, uniting our passions for preserving nature and protecting animals, dreaming, and creating, building with our own hands, and planting the seeds for the archipelagos of the future around the world.

We can’t thank Pamela and the Pamela Anderson Foundation enough for the generous donation that will be used for the reconstruction of the old stone house and the official launch of the School of ISSA.

It will take us months and years of commitment, and a lot of manual labour, learning and unlearning, to turn the stone house into an island library, but thanks to Pamela’s support from the very start we are much closer to turning dreams into realities.