Acting and film workshop with kids

The island of Vis, and Komiža in particular, has served not only as a backdrop, but also as an inspiration and protagonist in legendary films such as Roko and Cicibela (1978) and Childhood and the Sea (1974). In May 2024, Komiža and her children once again played the leading role in the film and acting workshop at the Kalanko Children’s Festival from 2 to 5 May. The aim was to provide the participants with basic knowledge and skills in narration, acting and creating a common story in front of the camera.

The film and acting workshop reveals unknown stories about Komiža from the perspective of her children, while at the same time introducing them to the secrets of acting and film craft. The children had the opportunity to learn and fantasise with award-winning actors Goran Bogdan and Jovana Stojiljković, both of whom have extensive experience in film, theatre and working with children.