Plakat: Save the date Oktobarska radionica

Two years ago, we had a utopian idea – indeed, we are not ashamed of utopia; on the contrary – an idea to start The Island School of Social Autonomy (ISSA) on a seemingly remote island in the midst of the Adriatic Sea. With Sisyphean enthusiasm that has never left us, we started with three hectares of land: former vineyards overgrown with pine and oak trees, and the reconstruction of a 120-year-old stone house on top of a hill.

In the meantime, we are slowly transforming the reconstructed stone house into ISSA headquarters, which will also serve as a unique island library and archive. We have received book donations from the libraries of sociologist Boris Vušković (1933-2021) and philosopher Gajo Petrović (1927-1993), one of the founders of the Praxis School and Korčula Summer School. These have found a new home on Vis and will be accessible to the public, during special seminars and activities.

Besides working on our sustainable water system, experimenting with pirate radio, renovating old or building new dry-stone walls, planting, and reflecting, ISSA hosted its first annual event in September 2023. It was, like all other things in our school, completely self-organized and a proof to us that building a school through community building and collective work, determination, and joy provides a possible answer to the overwhelming planetary despair – and perhaps, in some ways, friendships and convivial tools to break out of it.

At the end of last year, ISSA also had its first event on the mainland, at Mokrin House, and in February, we presented our work in Berlin. This year, we continue to work on sustainable energy and water systems, compost, an outdoor kitchen, cleaning terraces, and building various facilities on Vis.

In early May, the legendary filmmaker Želimir Žilnik, together with acclaimed actors Goran Bogdan and Jovana Stojiljković, will come to the island to lead a children’s workshop on filmmaking and acting (ages 6+), while Srećko Horvat will do a children’s philosophy workshop (ages 12+), starting from the hypothetical scenario that the ancient Greek philosopher Plato might have visited Vis.

We have been contacted by many people who want to help and visit ISSA, and we kindly ask you to be patient with us. We are doing our best to answer as many people as we can but be assured that each and every email brings us hope and joy.

Therefore, we would like to extend an invitation to SAVE THE DATE for our upcoming annual event, which will be held on the island of Vis from October 4th to 9th, 2024.

Plakat: Save the date Oktobarska radionica

This is a unique opportunity to come together, connect and work with all who are interested in learning alongside us, reflect upon and create conditions of “good life” in times of extinction. The annual ISSA event will consist of collective imagination and creativity through various workshops, lectures, tours, hikes, work actions, and relaxation in the form of pomalo, as well as music and the arts. Many of our co-founders will be present, alongside people from all corners of the world, including philosophers, artists, permaculturists, poets, builders, dreamers, and doers of all sorts.

If you wish to join, we encourage you to make arrangements for your travel and accommodation and be as self-organized as possible. Further details about the program will follow soon. We will also issue an open call for workshops and self-organized activities but if you wish to write to us already, please feel free to contact us at:

If you want to support us at this stage, even a small donation – particularly a recurring donation – will surely help us in organizing the annual ISSA event in October and will help create an unforgettable event for all of us together.