School Seeds Planted in Mokrin

ISSA at Mokrin

The ISSA School of Autonomy in cooperation with Mokrin House held a series of lectures and workshops that focused on the issue of the autonomy of human life in a world that is dominated by a deep and multi-layered crisis. What is autonomy today, when we are more dependent than ever on the global flows that affect our lives? Can art help us create an island where we can live our autonomy and a better life? And what does it mean today?

The ISSA School of Autonomy in Mokrin and Kikinda offered a rich programme. A series of events, including literary evenings, concerts, film screenings, workshops and lectures, featured the music group Laibach, directors Želimir Žilnik, Srđan Dragojević, writers Rumen Bužarovski, Saša Savanović, Stefan Boskovic, actor Goran Bogdan, philosopher Srećko Horvat & many others…

All of the photos presented here were taken by Bonk production, who you can contact here for terms of use here.

Mokrin House is a cultural, working and living space that brings a new dimension to the rural village in Vojvodina where it’s founder has his roots. We would like to thank him for his continuous support of our school and for his invitation to co-organise this event. Another special aspect of Mokrin House is its amazing architecture, a project of the architecture studio Autori.

Želimir Žilnik: An Inspiration

Have a peek at the screening of short films by Želimir Žilnik Early Works, Bolest i ozdravljenje Bude Brakusa, Tito drugi put među Srbima  with an introduction from the director.

This event sparked future cooperations planned on Vis, so stay tuned!

Laibach Concert

The entire event concluded on November 29th with a concert by the Slovenian band Laibach.

As the final stop of their tour for the year, on the Yugoslavian Republic Day, Laibach performed symbolically in temperatures of -3 degrees Celsius. They played songs from the album ‘Love is Still Alive.’ Unfortunately, the concert was cut short by half due to equipment problems caused by the cold. During their tour from London to Berlin, Luxembourg, Vienna, and other major European cities, the band performed songs from the album they were promoting, along with newer tracks. After the performance, band members continued to meet and greet with the half-frozen fans at Mokrin House.