Bifo: Why Start a School, Today?

The Whys:

  • Why start a school, today?
  • What is the context in which we are going to open a school?
  • What is the goal of the school?
  • And finally: what should be studied in a school that is starting today?

Let’s have a look at the landscape before replying to these questions.

The Earth is rebelling against the World. The Earth is taking revenge against the history of men. No way out. No way back.

Fire, water, air – the basic elements unchained against the animal that has dissipated resources, polluted the atmosphere the oceans and the soil.

This is provoking a cascade of catastrophic effects at every level of social life: huge migrations are expected from Pakistan – a country of 224 million people, as the floods have destroyed crops and cattle, and one third of the population have lost their home.

Nationalist aggressiveness is therefore destined to grow everywhere. Wars are going to multiply.

Climate change is out of control. The plans for reducing the effects of global warming are totally ineffective: the green economy is useless as long that the economic growth stays an unquestionable myth. Because of the war, energy is extremely expensive, so the economic growth needs more carbon, and nuclear plants everywhere. And time is running out out out.

Let’s be frank: the social civilisation that the Westerners have experienced in the last Century is doomed.

The final apocalypse of the human civilisation has started already, and no political action will reverse the irreversible.

This is the context in which we are starting the school of ISSA (Island School for Social Autonomy).

What’s our goal? We are not willing to prepare the cadres for the government of the future. There will be no government in the society of the future, because human will is and will be more and more unable to understand and govern the complexity of Chaos unchained.

We’ll create a school amid spreading Chaos, and our goal will be to listen to the rhythm of chaos, to interpret the meaning of chaotic flows, to strike a friendly deal with Chaos, and to thrive in Chaos.

We are planning a school for the communities that are preparing the Great Desertion. Communities of people who desert war, spreading everywhere. Communities of people who desert work consumption and political participation.

Those people will be survivors of the ongoing Apocalypse.

All around we’ll witness spreading dementia, aggressive psychoses, mass murders, despair.

We’ll try to create islands of survival, islands of happy life and human understanding.

What do we need for this? What should we study for making possible a new age of autonomous life, during the long-lasting process of dismantling of the social civilisation?

We’ll need knowledge for survival, for therapy, and for meditation.

We’ll need to study the history of the past, particularly of the last Century.

We’ll try to answer the question: how could the humankind destroy and dissipate the legacy of social solidarity, and of science?

But our school will be first a school of imagination.

Imagination will be the core of our teaching: we must imagine human life in non-human environments.

We’ll study the history of the Twentieth Century from the point of view of the present.

We’ll dedicate a special attention to environmental studies.

And finally, we’ll research together about technologies for practical survival in apocalyptic environments: agronomy, nutritional sciences, medicine, pharmacology, and housing.

The first task that we are facing nowadays, and we’ll develop during the coming year is the creation of an Autonomous Survival Syllabus.

We are now going to elaborate a consistent program of activities and of contents.